Client: Productive App

Duration: 4 Weeks

Tools: Figma , Adobe Photoshop, Maze, Adobe Illustrator

Responsibilities: User research, UX & UI design, Prototyping, User Testing

Project Goals

To expand upon the current capabilities by adding a few new features to the existing app. New features include share habits and challenges with friends, send invitations via different methods, and provide a communication channel within the app.


People who use their smart phones for daily planning, organization, and task management. Users include current Productive app customers as well as people who use similar habit tracking mobile applications.


While many are using the PRODUCTIVE app daily, the application suffers from limited communication and sharable features.

Project Background

Productive is an easy-to-use tool that helps you build a routine of positive, life-changing habits, set personal goals, track your progress, and motivate yourself to new heights! Productive can help you with planning your schedule to create healthy new habits.  I was asked to extend the functions of this amazing app by adding features that allow users to share their experience with friends and family, and to invite them to join you in the challenges you select to tackle. Most people find it much more effective, encouraging, and sustainable when work on improving life habits with friends.


Competitive Analysis

Productive app is not the only application that would like to provide users with communication and connection features. Many other applications with similar not the same functionalities have implemented such features and a through analysis of direct and indirect competitive can reveal the weaknesses, strengths and examples of such applications.

User Interview

People who use organization and planning apps are goal oriented and usually have strong opinions regarding the way they would like to do things. To ensure user satisfaction, I decided to perform a series of 1-on-1 interviews with potential users experienced with such applications to understand the need and translate it to actionable design decisions.

UX Recommendations
Driven By Competitive Analysis

Recommendations for Productive:

  • Compared to Habit and Goals Wizard app, the Productive app doesn’t have the option to change the color palette, especially for visually impaired users.
  • The application asks irrelevant questions when a user opens the app for the first time. The questions should be relevant and result in actions.
  • Questions asked at the first launch do not lead to a personalized program. A personalized initial setup is recommended.
  • Many features of the app are not introduced to the user. An interactive tutorial for new users would be helpful.
  • Challenges are not well categorized and users need to go through the entire list to find a challenge. Organizing the challenges into categories can improve efficiency.
  • The category of “Habits” is a duplication of the habits list in “Today”. It seems that the repeated list is not necessary.


Based on the insights from user interviews, I developed a persona that guided my design decisions to a large extent.

Meeting Sara's needs and avoiding her fears became my main objectives. I tried to add features that give her the ability to connect and share, and customize the app to ensure all frustrations are removed.

Information Architecture

Given my research findings, I selected various features that can be added to the app. However, adding all the features required the app to undergo major changes outside the scope of this project. Thus, I ranked the features based on the level of importance provided by users during interviews. Eventfully, a comprehensive roadmap was created to capture abovementioned information.

Application Map

Having all required additional features selected, it was the time to categorize and integrate them into the application map. I added a new major category for the "Friends" and the remainder of features were added to the existing categories.

User Flow

A user-centered product requires the design process to be formed around user actions. Hence, I created a few possible user tasks as a framework for the specifics of my design.


The ideation phase was conducted around a few major decisions:

  • Add a new high-level category for "Friends"
  • Avoid major revisions to the current color pallet and UI elements
  • Add "Notifications"
  • Add a "Share" feature to habits
  • Add "Invite" capability by "QR code" and "Text"
  • Add "Challenge a Friend" to challenge list
  • Add privacy options to shared items


First iteration on digital wireframes

- Main page "Today"
- "Notification"
- "Invite" / "Accept"
- "Confirmation"
- Custom privacy

Iteration And Implementation

To understand the improvement opportunities in the design, I put the wireframes into user testing. Participants were asked to complete two tasks:

  • Invite a friend from contact list to connect in the app
  • Accept a challenge invitation from a friend

Iterating on wireframes based on the usability test results and a decision matrix ensured me that users are satisfied with the overall arrangement and features of the app before creating the high-fidelity prototype.


  • CTAs were enlarged to improve accessibility
  • Notification status was added
  • Notification status was added
  • A more universal "add friend" icon was added
  • Added a message option to invites
  • Moved the close icon to the right of confirmation
  • Revised the title on "invite" page
  • "Contacts" and "Text" invitations were merged


This project was particularly exciting for me since it gave me the opportunity to build upon the work of an amazing design team. Given the success of existing app, I tried to preserve the look, color palette, and spirit of the application. This created a special challenge for me when adding more features that needed to be distinguishable yet not disturb the existing theme. User research and final testing helped me a lot in structuring my thoughts and to create a completely user-centered design which was successfully tested by 16 potential users.

Final Design

We can do amazing things together!